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Schrebera Roxb.

Protologue: Pl. Coromandel 2: 1 (1798)

Type species: Schrebera swietenioides Roxb. (Burma)

Synonyms (links to GRIN): Nathusia

Distribution: Tropical parts of Africa and India

Number of species: 4

Description: From Verdoorn (1956): Trees or shrubs. Leaves opposite, simple or imparipinnate, rachis usually winged. Infloresence a paniculate cyme. Flowers heterostylous, bisexual. Calyx campanulate, loosely enveloping the corolla, truncate or irregularly and obscurely lobed. Corolla salver-shaped, white, sometimes tinged with pink or puce; tube well developed, cylindrical; segments 6 or more, spreading to reflexed, each with a group of swollen brown to purplish hairs at the base. Stamens 2, inserted on the corolla; filaments short, anthers large, introrse. Ovary bilocular, small, truncate or obscurely bi-lobed at apex; ovules 4 in each loculus; style filiform; stigma included or excerted, subcapitate or oblong in outline. Capsule bi-valved, woody with loculicidal dehiscence; seeds produced into a long solitary subapical wing.

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